08/12/2008 Entry: "Cleopatra's Crossing; Anniversary the Third"

Dear Miss Cleo,

I was just thinking about the movie, "Brigadoon," in which one day was equal to one hundred years. I know that in Beyond, our concept of Time isn't even an issue. But for us limited humans here in the Now, it's a way of Keeping Track.

As I am learning more about being a Grandma every day, I recognize that, in addition to religiously reading obituaries, I also am more aware of Time and its limitations.

What I am also wondering is whether a BBC (Beyond Beloved Cat) will have her Here Now personality or her There Always in Beyond personality. As Time Here Now passes, and as I look forward to our eventual Reunion in Beyond, I'm wondering if you will greet me with open paws, or whether your shy passage, tail uplifted to just brush my hand, will be your greeting.

Your Curious Yorkie Grandma is remembering your Here Now presence, and reminding you that you are loved and missed today and always.

Skritches in Purple Prose from CYG