Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cleopatra's Crossing; Anniversary the Third

Dear Miss Cleo,

I was just thinking about the movie, "Brigadoon," in which one day was equal to one hundred years. I know that in Beyond, our concept of Time isn't even an issue. But for us limited humans here in the Now, it's a way of Keeping Track.

As I am learning more about being a Grandma every day, I recognize that, in addition to religiously reading obituaries, I also am more aware of Time and its limitations.

What I am also wondering is whether a BBC (Beyond Beloved Cat) will have her Here Now personality or her There Always in Beyond personality. As Time Here Now passes, and as I look forward to our eventual Reunion in Beyond, I'm wondering if you will greet me with open paws, or whether your shy passage, tail uplifted to just brush my hand, will be your greeting.

Your Curious Yorkie Grandma is remembering your Here Now presence, and reminding you that you are loved and missed today and always.

Skritches in Purple Prose from CYG

cg@ 16:42

Cleopatra's Crossing; Anniversary the Third

Dear Miss Cleo,

Grandma reminded us that we live Here Now and that you might like a Feline Here Now greeting from the New(er) Kids on the Block.

We are keeping good care of Mom and Dad, in the Clause-Cleo tradition. We hope you are enjoying Beyond, and remembering that your family, human and feline, extends across the Bridge from Here to There.

All headbonks and respectful good wishes from
Soko and Tillman

cc@ 14:58

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Road Trip!

During my Aug 07 visit to my Mom's, we took a great ride around all the old stomping grounds, which apparently are right down memory lane. A perfect day, with beautiful weather, brilliant wildflowers, a variety of fauna (turkey vultures, a cardinal, etc.) and a most excellent chauffer.

macar (148k image)

mitymous@ 21:57

Cleopatra's Crossing; Anniversary the Second

Dear Cleo,

Your Mom and I just had an August get-together, and we talked about you and Clause, of course. We hope you both are tending to your Gate Keeper duties, and enjoying the Beyond. By now Mono must be a Cat Person too, as you keep her and Papa aware of the joys of Felinity.

Two years here in Time have passed so quickly and so slowly without you; the Boys are tall Cat People now and doing their best to maintain the tradition of a Feline household.

From Grandma Yorkie and Soko and Tillman, then, for whom I presume to speak, skritches and headbonks from the Now. Your Mom and I can attest to the joys of reunion, and when we have ours in the Beyond, there won't be any more Difficult Partings ever again!

Love from Grandma Yorkie

cg@ 12:13

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Ink for Old Friend

After months of planning and anticipation, I got the first session done on my 'tribute to Clause' tattoo - 4 hrs under the needle, and about another 4 to go to finish it off.

Progress so far looks like
New Tattoo - sidethis

Great work done by Phuc Tran at Tsunami Tattoo in Portland ME.

mitymous@ 16:16

Portrait of Clause, Best Cat Ever

Dear Clause,

On this second anniversary of your Crossing, I know that you will be pleased to have me tell you that I have seen the portrait-in-progress of your Mom's Remembrance of the Best Cat Ever.

Although you know you are in her heart forever, she has also chosen to have you on her skin forever. A picture of your paw over her heart was a beginning; now your whole handsome self will walk with her through her life, as you both put your best feet forward.

Here's another Grandmotherly 'skritch' for you, Clause, to remember all the joy and love you gave to Lynne and Stan.

Grandma Yorkie

cg@ 15:03

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cleopatra's Crossing; Anniversary the First

Dear Cleo,

I know you and Clause are busy keeping a paw on your Mom and your Aunt Kelly as they run around the sky this weekend. I just wanted to remind you what you already know, that your human family is thinking of you on this day, and missing you just as much as they did on the day you Crossed.

I just noticed the 'avatar' leading the way to inputting a meowssage on this site, and I realized that there are Four Felines surrounding the Little Human Figure in Fatigues! (Don't tell your Mom I just noticed this.) I have been having a dizzy day and so when I saw the 2 little 'unearthly' colored feline figures, I thought at first it was my eyes. But then I noticed the colorfurred cats and realized that 2 UP and 2 Down add up to our Feline Family.

So Grandmotherly skritches to you and your buddy. We love you and miss you and look furward to a family reunion when our Time melds into your eternity.

Love from Grandma Yorkie

cg@ 20:37

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chesterfield Gorge

A beautiful day for a pretty little hike at yet another place I've been driving by for years:

Cfieldgorge1 (341k image)

The marked trail is about 3/4 mi, and even with all my detours and side trips I doubt the total distance was more than 2 or 3 miles, for a nice short ramble in the woods. There are a few more pictures in the hiking section of my Flickr account.

mitymous@ 15:00

Friday, July 28, 2006

Me and the Boss

Col Tim Ceteras rates as one of the finest officers and Wing Commanders I've had the pleasure of working with in the past 20 years. Unfortunately for me, but happily for him, he retired today with 25 years of service.

colC_lmp_sm (138k image)

I told him that you always learn something from your boss. From some, you learn how not to be. And from some, if you're lucky, you learn how to be better. Col C. is definitely the latter.

Godspeed, whatever your path, sir.

mitymous@ 18:41

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stan in the Rhodos

Despite the rainy, gray weather, I dragged Stan off to Rhododendron State Park today and while the blossoms were not at their peak, there were plenty of blooms and it was beautiful despite the gloom.

stanrhodos (202k image)

For more shots of the rhodos, check my Flickr album.

mitymous@ 15:30

Saturday, July 15, 2006

More Hiking Fun

While Kelly was here, we went hiking. You already know the dog story (July 4th entry below). Before that, we went over to Rhododendron St Park and from there hiked up Little Monadnock Mountain.

lynnelittlemonadnock (194k image)

mitymous@ 10:02

A View from Mt Tully

Last weekend I hiked up Mt Tully, from the Tully Dam (in Royalston MA). And down the back side.

viewfromtully (113k image)

And back up...and back down. Nice little 8-10 mile hike. No dogs this time, but plenty of mosquitoes. Worth it for the view from the top, though. That's Monadnock in the distance.

mitymous@ 09:56

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

The Secret Life of (stupid) Dogs

On the last day of Kelly's visit this summer, we decided late in the afternoon to "go for a walk." As always (to Kelly's amusement) I took my pack with bug dope, water, TP, compass, rain jacket, cell phone, parachute cord, etc.

Even as we started (at about 1700) I was thinking my planned route might be a bit too long for the time available, so had in mind to call Stan for a pickup if needed.

About a mile in to the walk, down Greenwooods Road to access the Metacomet-Monadnock trail, three dogs came charging out of their yard. One fat Dalmation, one gimpy-legged fat little terrier/beagle bitch, and a little pup who looked like he might have belonged to Gimpy. A few barks from Spot, and they simply started walking with us. We tried to shoo them away, and send them home, but no dice.

Soon we left the road for the trail...still they followed. Or more accurately, ran ahead and stopped, constantly tripping us up. What with the dogs, the mosquitoes, and the loss of trail markers, we soon decided to turn around.

For better or for worse, though, when we re-acquired the trail markers we turned off to head up the trail. About this point we found out that the nice big can of bug dope would not spray...all that good chemical deterrent and no way to get to it.

On we chugged through the woods and mud and puddles, with our unwanted companions splashing through every available patch of water - no doubt to cool off and get some relief from the relentless bugs.

I had guessed us to be about two miles from crossing Rt 119, assuming the trail roughly paralleled Rt 32. But it switched and cut back and forth across the hillside, so it was probably 3+ miles to the highway. We got to Rt 119 much later than planned, and were still stuck with the hounds - who clearly had no road sense (or any other sense, either). I dug the cell phone out to call Stan for a rescue - it was about 1900 and with only an hour of daylight and what I thought was probably 2.5 miles to go - and of course, no cell service. So we started west on 119, but it's pretty heavily traveled, and every time a car came, the idiot hounds ran into the road. So we'd have to call them in and try to hold them, go another 100 feet, and repeat. Clearly, this was going to be a long trip home. As much as we wanted to ditch the pooches, a) they wouldn't leave us, and b) we doubted they could find their way home. We certainly weren't going to go back through mosquito-hell (with dusk approaching) to deliver them to their home, so it was clear we were stuck. Neither of us like dogs, but still didn't want to see the boneheads squished on the highway.

So I dug out the parachute cord, and we leashed up Spot and Gimpy, who at least had collars (but no tags). I picked up the wet, stinking, wriggling pup, and off we went. Progress not much faster than before, since the leashed hounds weren't exactly leash-trained, but at least the morons were safe.

Fortunately, within a half mile or so, we hit a spot of cell service, so I called Stan. Soon (but not soon enough) he arrived. We loaded the K9s and ourselves into the truck, headed back for Greenwoods Road, pitched out the pooches, and headed home for a desperately needed shower.

No doubt the poor hounds' oblivious owners have no idea where their mutts disappeared to for 2 hours on Saturday afternoon...

mitymous@ 10:39

Friday, June 16, 2006

Time. . .

Dear Clause and Cleo,

We hope you are listening because we want to meowssage you that, now that we are grown-up cats, we can hear Grandma Yorkie talking to herself. Of course we hear Mom and Dad, but now that we are growing into our MC ears, we can hear Grandma too.

She was telling us all day that it is the "16th of the month, Remembering Day," and Here Now we have learned to notice Person Time.

So we are sending Perfect Purrs, not to be confused with Software Flatulent Purrs, in honor of this Remembering Day, to our Person Family Here Now and our Feline Family Beyond.

Soko and Tillman

ruffs@ 21:29

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Travelin' Man

Stan left today for a week in Oklahoma, to attend his oldest granddaughter's high school graduation. He'll get to see both sons and all 3 grandkids. First time to see them in 18 years; he's never met 2 of the girls and the oldest was only 2 the last time he saw her. I think equal parts of nervous and excited make up his demeanor, combined with general dislike of travel. I hope he has a great trip, and a great time reconnecting with his family.

mitymous@ 18:18

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Time. . .

Dear Clause,

Grandma tells us that today is the anniversary of your Crossing into Beyond. She is hoping that greymatter will get the date right, even though she knows that you don't have 'dates' in Beyond. They seem to be important to our Persons, though, so we will keep our paws crossed, once we finish typing this meowssage.

Living with Mom and Dad is a Pleasure and a Treat, and we appreciate that the First Kids paved the way for us to be beloved family members. We are doing our best to remind them of you, while being ourselves. It's a big responsibility!

Respectful greetings and salutations to you on this occasion.

Love from
The Ruffs

ruffs@ 00:58

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No Kitten

Dear Clause and Cleo,

Mom has given us Authoring lessons, but she didn't show us how to logon properly, so we've had a feline of difficulty. We wanted to thank you for having lettuce use your Golden Space, and we will appreciate your taking an editorial interest in our early efforts. You know Grandma will be monitoring us, but Beyond Companions are particularly proficient in purrspicatcity. How do you love that for a Beginning Wordplay?

Mom and Dad are smiling a lot today. It could be because of our antics, but it could also be a celebration of their 18-year marriage. Or, who knows, it could be both?

From the Here Now to the Beyond family,
Soko and Tillman, aka the Ruffs

ruffs@ 22:41

A Date of Note

16 May is my wedding anniversary; 18 years this time around. 16 May is also my maternal grandmother's birthday, and if she was still with us, she'd be 99. These days, 18 years is a long time to be married, but it sure doesn't seem like a long time. I suppose that's a good sign!

mitymous@ 21:32

Friday, May 12, 2006

RUFFles and Flourishes for Mom

Dear Mom,

Clause and Cleo are helping us Author, and hoping that we do better than last time when we tripled our comments. We may be busy later helping you have a birthday dinner so we thought we'd better get our paws onto the keys right away.

We echo the sentiments of C & C, with Here Now furbelowed love, and lots of furry reminders of our purresence in the house.

Hair today, and hair tomorrow, and on both and all days, much love and many head bonks while we get to be with you on your Day.

Happy Birthday, Mom
Soko and Tillman

cc@ 19:16


Dear Mom,

Here in Beyond, where Time is not a factor, we still remember our lives in our house with you and Dad. So be assured that we remember what Birthdays mean to our human family, and we continue to share our love for you, and want you to have a very Happy Birthday. We also know that Aunt Kelly shares your special date, and please let her know we are furever thinking of her as well.

We are aready planning on Greeting you when you appear here, and we are glad that Time is not a Beyond factor, so that we don't have to worry about Waiting another fifty 'years' while you live out the life your genes will be giving you.

All love from your First Kids,
Clause and Cleo

cc@ 19:09

Monday, April 17, 2006

Bailey Beyond

Dear Mom,

We met Bailey at the Gate, and with a few head-bonks we assured him that he's a beautiful addition to our growing rainbow of fur-covered love. He is very glad to be all better now, and he wanted us to tell you (since we have already learned to Author) that he sends special thank-you purrs for all you did for him.

Clause and Cleo
with Bailey looking on

cc@ 21:48

Clause's Sponsored Kitty

I've been sponsoring a cat at Tabby's Place in honor of Clause. Bailey was a big handsome boy with diabetes, FIV, and kidney problems. After several good months at the shelter, he died yesterday.

I'm glad the good folks at Tabby's Place were there for him, and I've asked Clause and Cleo to welcome him on the other side. I'll be sponsoring a different kitty now.

mitymous@ 13:02

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Time. . .

Dear FGC,

I had to work hard to assemble a new alphabet greeting, so let me know if you don't divine a translation. Time in the Here Now has passed so fast that it's three months since I sent you a Remembrance Meowssage on the agreed-upon day.

I hope you enjoyed your travel to CA with your Mom, and seeing your Wisconsin Cat Mom in the visit too. The Ruffs did very well taking care of your Dad while you were traveling. They are working on collecting mousies for their second birthday mouse cake. (There seemed to have been some expectations for a mouse-cake for their first birthday.)

There are probably Easter bunnies galore where you are, so don't get into any catastrophes with them. Remember, hare today, gone tomorrow. Oh, sakes, I forgot that you don't have Time in Beyond, so it may be eternal hare.

Love and skritches from Grandma Yorkie, who is Remembering, and wishing she had eternal hair!

cg@ 16:44

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We're Impurrrressed!

Dear Mom,

When we let the Ruffs use our Authoring capabilities, we didn't know how powerful we were! And we didn't know how mischievous the Ruffs were. The FourCombo doesn't know whether to be purrrrowd or catatonic over our effect on the Blog. We think triple entries might be too much, but they do suggest how glad we all were to have you back with Dad and in Our House. We love Aunt Kelly too, but we felines do like the Status Quo, as you know.

We're planning on just one version of this meowssage, just so you know. Let's see what happens. . .

Love always
Clause and Cleo, BCA etc.

cc@ 12:37

Sunday, April 9, 2006

To Cali and Back

Kelly and I went to CrossFit HQ in Santa Cruz last week. Fun trip, despite the cold rainy weather. Kelly wowed 'em with her performances, and even won the "who got the most bruises" contest.

mitymous@ 07:17

To Cali and Back

Went to Santa Cruz to visit CrossFit HQ with Kelly; we had a good week despite the cold rainy weather. Nice, nice people out there at HQ! Kelly wowed 'em with her performance and even won the "who got more bruises" contest.

mitymous@ 07:15

Saturday, April 8, 2006


Hi Mom.

From Here Now (Clause and Cleo said we could use their Authoring catabilities) and from Beyond, we all welcome you home. We Ruffs missed you. We BCAs were there with you. We all want to know, What is the TAN you said you would probably come home without? (Grandma is shuddering at our sentence structure or lack thereof.)

Since the Four Love comes wrapped in golden fur, we want to know what is TAN?

Get a good rest now that you are in NH again, and we'll concatenate you back into the household.

Purrfilled Love,
Soko and Tillman
Cleo and Clause

cc@ 16:04


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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Dear Ruffs,

Your Yorkie Grandma is thinking of you as you and your Mom and Dad celebrate Birthday #1. I hope you have many more special remembrances of your entry into the Here Now.

With much love to Soko, Tillman, Clause, Cleo, and Mom and Dad

cg@ 16:46


Dear Ruffs,

Happy First Birthday! Grandma tells us that in the There Now March 30 is a very important day, which marks your entrance into their world. We don't remember Time, but we do remember how happy we were in their world for all our lives.

We wish you and Mom and Dad continuing happiness and many Birthdays as your Time passes.

Love from
Clause and Cleo, BCA, OK

cc@ 16:32

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Way to go!

Meowssage for Soko and Tillman:

We notice that you are taking your hunting duties seriously, and we are impressed with your purrrrowess. Tell Mom and Dad that we are genetically gratified that the Ruffs are purrowgressing so well, and remind them that we mouse always remember one another.

All rememberings and noticings from
Clause and Cleo, BCA

cc@ 21:52

Monday, March 27, 2006

Boys' Second Mouse

Wasting little time, Tillman nabbed mouse # 2. Growling like a little lion, he's defending his kill. Looks like time to get some poison out in the garage (where mousies come in, but cats don't go).

mitymous@ 20:32

The Boys' First Mouse

Just 3 days shy of their first birthday, the mighty hunters got their first kill. Not sure who gets credit for the kill. Tillman has been on mouse patrol most of the day, but Soko slapped it up under the stove. Fortunately, Stan saw him do it, or we would have had the delight of stinking dead mouse in a few days. Till is back on patrol!

mitymous@ 19:27

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Ma

Today is my mother's birthday; 71 and still going strong. How many of you have parents who not only request a printer/fax/scanner for their birthday, but who also get it up and running and are emailing scans of documents within a day or two of receipt? Pretty cool. But then, my mom's very cool.

mitymous@ 07:01

Friday, January 20, 2006

Special Meowssage

Dear Mom,

On our 8th anniversary, I'm sending you a puggle, since I didn't want to overdo the snurrrrrs.
I noticed that you and Grandma were giggling into the ether in the There Now, and I'm considering how to send a piggle or a sniggle, since I like to continue to be part of the activity.

However I send it, and whatever I send, remember it's ME ME ME ME loving you always.


cc@ 13:53

Special Meowssage Rederanged 1/21

Dear Mom,

On our 8th anniversary, while I was busy Authoring, I had a CATastrophe. So I've just deleted what I said in this message in favor of the one above, which I completed successfully. I don't know how to delete a message already posted.

However I send it, and whatever I send, remember it's ME ME ME ME loving you always.

Clause, BAD at Authoring

cc@ 13:52

Monday, January 16, 2006

Time. . .

Skritches for Grand Cats!

These Remembering Days are coming up pretty often in the Here Now. My new massage therapist has reminded me yet again not to analyze (the massage experience) but to just enjoy it. Part of my enjoying it, I guess, is that I'm pretty foggy now and it's 'only 22:44 in the Here Now place in which I find myself. So I'll just ask you to keep a couple of paws on our friend Missy the Golden, who is planning to be visiting the Beyond very soon. Her family is dreading that Crossing, so since Manifestations are received with grace in their household, perhaps you could Manifest a couple of comforting purrs for all concerned. I talked with your Dad on his birthday, and your Mom last night, and I know the Ruffs are seeing to their duties of entertainment and edification.

All love to our BCA's from
Grandma Yorkie

cg@ 22:04


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